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Home Lokale A. Kopycińskiego–1/3

* The above photo / visualization presents a model apartment for a given style.

Smart simple

A. Kopycińskiego 1/3

Wrocław, Jagodno

Area: 45.75 m2

Number of rooms: 2

Floor: 1

Available from: Dostępne od ręki

* The above photo / visualization presents a model apartment for a given style.

*The photos above show an example of an apartment with the same layout and finishing style.

Rental calculator

Rental cost presented by the calculator is an estimate only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code or a public promise made by the landlord. The final and binding amount of lease costs will be specified in the lease agreement.

Fixed charges

Rental cost



Service charge


Additional charges

Small storage room



Large storage room



Parking space in the garage



Dependent parking place



*It is a one-time and one-off promotion, which means that it entitles only one tenant who is a party to the same agreement, in terms of that tenant's right to reduce only one rent from among all the rents specified in the lease agreement. The promotion is valid until the date of its cancellation by the organizer.

If rented for



-500 zł dla umów zawartych w marcu

If rented for


2270 PLN/M

Price without utilities

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About the apartment

About the apartment

Features of the apartment

Ideal for a couple

Above ground floor

Sunny apartment



Washing machine

Induction hob

Hall closet

Table and chairs




You have it in your neighbourhood!

You can really live comfortably at Jagodno. Everything you need can be found in the immediate vicinity. New nursery schools and kindergartens, stores, services in the neighbourhood, and parks and recreation areas. And if you want to go to the centre, you can get there by public transport or a bike path – directly from the property!

We invite you to Jagodno!

You have it in your neighbourhood!

  • Wojszyce Park, Brochowski Park
  • Services available at the investment
  • New educational institutions
  • Good communication with the city centre

Visit our
show apartment!!

We invite you for a 3D walk around the interiors that we have prepared especially for you.
A comfortable living room, an atmospheric bedroom and a functional kitchen may soon become your new home.
The Vantage Rent apartment is waiting for you!

Visit our
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Buforowa 89 , Wrocław, Jagodno

Art gallery Art gallery
Beauty parlour Beauty parlour
Bus stop Bus stop
Petrol station Petrol station
Hospital Hospital
Museum Museum
Park Park
Playground Playground
Post office Post office
School School
Supermarket Supermarket
Train station Train station
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